A typical week in the life

In my freshman year of college I took a class where we often had visitors from local businesses and we, the class, would interview them to learn more about their job. So this post is dual purpose:

1. I can tell family and friends what a typical week is like for me, and thus save time from telling them each individually

2. Any future student who reads this can get a somewhat idea of a typical week. Just keep in mind “typical” is very subjectively defined.

My week starts Monday morning with a breakfast, usually cereal or toast, from my madre española Carmen . After getting ready I head to school, which is about a 20 minute walk away. I have two classes, Women in Spanish Literature and Phonetics. (Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 2 other classes: Artistic Monuments and Business Spanish). After class I walk home, where Carmen has lunch ready for Sydney and me. After lunch I relax a couple of minutes before heading back to school for Flamenco class. (This is a mostly fun class because we learn how to dance Sevillanas, a style of flamenco, but it is also a bit difficult.) After this class we typically will grab a drink and hang out before meeting up for our sociocultural activity for the night. These activities are optional and help us get to know the city and culture. Examples of things we’ve done are neighborhoods tours, art gallery visits, eating churros, and movie nights. After the cultural activity I typically head home (usually somewhere between 8 pm and 9 pm) where I attempt to do some reading or homework (keyword: attempt). Carmen has dinner ready about 9 pm, so Syd and I have dinner and visit with Carmen. This definitely helps with our Spanish skills and vocabulary. By 10:30 pm we have dishes in the dishwasher and the table cleared. Until about midnight (or later)  we do a little homework, reading, etc. One am has become my new typical bed time.

This routine is typically repeated Monday thru Thursday. Thursday night, though, is basically the start of the weekend, so it is not uncommon to go out for a drink, but don’t go out earlier than 11 pm, because that’s how they do it here. Fridays the school typically had some adventure schemed up. I’ve enjoyed going on these excursion because they show me different parts of the Iberian Peninsula…Ronda, Lagos, Granada, Córdoba, etc.

Saturday I typically hang out with the other students. We try food at new restaurants, go shopping, go to local events ( ex. bullfights, markets…) Sunday I go to Mass (Catholic churches are not hard to find, they are typically on every other street)and catch up on writing, homework, siestas…

Come Monday morning, the process starts over.


A typical street in Sevilla: ochre buildings, many closely parked cars, cafes, and mopeds.

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