New Destinations

002I love reading maps, especially when I’m on a journey because I can plan where I’ll be going the next day.  I know a desired route, but if there are a few stops along the way, or spontaneous turns, I’m cool with that too.

As the last day in Sevilla, I’m looking a my life map, ready to embark on the next leg of the journey. But leaving a place you leave a part of you there as well, with the people you’ve interacted with, whether it be once or daily, and the memories you have made at certain parks, museums, chapels, etc.

Study abroad this semester has taught me a great deal, about others and about myself, like how to get along with people who have different personalities, how to communicate with someone who speaks a different language (and you’re not fluent in said language), and what values you uphold or believe in the most. I agree with others I’ve spoken with that open mindedness is key in having a successful study abroad experience.

While saying goodbye to my host mom and later boarding the train for Madrid my thought was “Bye, Sevilla, it’s been real.” The last 3 months in this town have provided great memories and new friendships that I will cherish.10

And now it’s onto the next part of my trip…Madrid